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About the company

Pokkels – laser solutions for your needs

Pokkels is a team of engineers united by the desire to develop laser technology. We produce laser equipment for a variety of applications: from surface cleaning, wire processing and engraving, to radiation decontamination systems.

The purpose of our company

to develop laser technologies and expand the scope of their application

Pokkels Engineering Team

These are highly qualified specialists who are ready to solve the most complicated tasks. We like to create something that has no analogues on the world market.

To that end, we have assembled a wide range of specialists. Our areas of expertise include laser technology and optics, radio and microelectronics, programming, automation, and mechanical engineering.

We are well experienced in laser technology and the processes by which lasers affect different materials.

For us it is important to improve laser technologies, that’s why we cooperate with a number of scientific centers and IPG Photonics Corporation. 

We are ready to upgrade the equipment or develop a new one with the necessary characteristics to solve your problems.

We have been manufacturing laser systems for more than 10 years. During this time, we have introduced laser technology into a wide variety of areas of industry. We have developed 50 special solutions and completed 10 research projects.

How we operate

Implementation of your project starting from one month

Task discussion

Development of the
technical assignment

Calculation of the design, optics,
and parameters of laser emission

Development of a prototype

Equipment manufacturing
and software development

Carrying out commissioning

The main objective of Pokkels —
to create a product that is





Requires no consumables

Requires no consumables

We are interested to create equipment that has no analogues on the world market.

We are ready to help both the business and the state

in solving the most difficult tasks in laser industry. We are always available for dialogue and can always offer options to achieve the desired result

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