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Modern laser systems for a wide range of applications. Choose from our catalog or contact our specialists for a customized solution.

Laser cleaning

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To treat surfaces without consumables or mechanical damage, you can buy F-Clean laser cleaning machines

F-Clean BP

The most compact portable laser device. During operation, the equipment is on the operator's back. Ideal for local cleaning of large objects and work at height. Power: 50-120W.

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F-Clean CS-S

A compact device for safe and convenient travel. The gun is inside the case during transport. The size of the small suitcase, handles and wheels ensure comfortable transportation. Power: 50-100 W.

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F-Clean CS-M

Mobile solution with increased protection against dust and moisture. In closed state the housing is protected according to the IP67 standard. Has handles and wheels on both sides for easy transportation. Power output: 200-300W.

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F-Clean TT

Compact stationary solution for laser cleaning. The device is placed on the desktop. Convenient switch layout and small dimensions provide a comfortable operating environment.
Power: 50-100W.

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F-Clean RK

Stationary device for work in a production environment. The gun is stored inside the equipment. The device is equipped with wheels for easy movement. Power: 100-1000 W.

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F-Clean RB

Development of customized robotic systems to automate laser cleaning processes. Can be built into an existing system. Power: 50-5000W

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Laser welding machines

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You can buy P-Weld laser welding machines to quickly create a reliable weld without deforming the base metal or incurring additional costs.

P-Weld 1500

Universal solution, easy to learn and operate. Allows you to perform welding work quickly and efficiently. The modular design makes it possible to assemble a model that best meets your requirements.

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Wire feed system

The wire feeder provides a convenient and economical wire feed with variable speeds from 40 to 600 cm/min. Compatible with IPG Lightwell 1500, IPG Light Weld 1500 XC

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Additional cooling system

The connection of additional water cooling allows to increase the working life up to 100%. Filling with coolant is easy, fast and user-friendly.

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Welding cart

The transport unit is designed to carry the welding machine to the welding site. It is also convenient to place gas cylinders, cooling modules on it. It is made of high-strength steel, which ensures high reliability and durability of the cart.

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Nozzle tips

Replacement tips wear out, which leads to their replacement. Nozzles of various shapes are available. They can be used for various types of welded joints, for cleaning welds.

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Protective windows

For stable operation of the laser welding system P-Weld 1500 and high quality results, it is necessary to change the protective glasses as they become dirty and wear out.

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O-rings are used to seal the connection between the protective glass and the body of the welding gun. They provide additional protection to the optics from dust and dirt, which increases the service life of the system.

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Laser wire processing

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Laser light is effectively used to treat wires and cables: from stripping wires without damaging the conductive core to marking text and graphic images on the cable insulation.

P-Wire ST

Desktop laser system for automatic wire stripping. Allows you to process wires of different diameters with high speed and precision without damaging the core. Processing speed: up to 50 mm/s.

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P-Wire MR

Desktop laser system for indelible text and character marking on wire. In addition, it allows you to cut the wire into slices of a given size. Processing speed: up to 30 m/min.

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Laser marking & engraving machines

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Raster and vector images, barcodes, 2D codes and 3D images created with your own graphics editor. Materials for engraving: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, stone, etc.

P-Mark TT

Desktop laser marking and engraving machine. Any type of image from photo to deep 3D engraving with the help of our own software and automatic Z-axis. Processing field: up to 500x500 mm.

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P-Mark FB

Suitable for those who need a large machining field and a flexible setting system. The device moves in XYZ axes. Works with complex large-sized parts. Machining field: up to 1500x1500 mm

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P-Mark MB

Automatic laser marking system with integration into production lines and conveyors. It is configurable and synchronized according to individual requirements. The size of the machining field depends on customer requirements.

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