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IPG LightCLEAN laser cleaning device

New. High performance for an affordable price

Up to now in the laser cleaning market, the customer has had to choose between the size and power of the system. The IPG LightCLEAN 1 kW laser cleaning device changes this. Now you can get power and compactness at a fraction of the price of other laser solutions. The main advantages and features of the new product are described in our article.

Learn more about the product and its benefits

The IPG LightCLEAN laser cleaning system is the result of years of work by the world leader and our main partner IPG Corporation. The unique and unparalleled device represents a balance of parameters, power, size and cost.

IPG LightCLEAN compact laser gun

High performance for an affordable price

The IPG LightCLEAN laser system is the first device on the Russian market to feature a pulsed laser source with a maximum power of 1 kW at a lower cost than other laser systems. One of the reasons for the affordable price is the full production cycle concentrated at IPG Corporation.

Compact size and low weight

With its air cooling, the IPG LightCLEAN laser cleaning system boasts a light weight of 60 kg and a compact footprint, despite its high machine capacity. Its industrial design and small size make it easy to use in production.

24/7 continuous operation

The IPG LightCLEAN laser system has a 100% duty cycle. There is no need to service the cooling system. All this means that the laser unit can provide maximum productivity without interruption 24/7.

Easy to learn and easy to operate

The preset modes make it easy to find the right settings and start laser cleaning immediately. No special operator qualifications are required. It also allows for flexible manual adjustments to get the most accurate cleaning result. For example, a delicate cleaning of thin sheet material or a high-performance cleaning to remove scale and rust.

The best solution for light sheet metal cleaning

The IPG LightCLEAN laser cleaning system cleans metal, steel, glass and stone surfaces with equal efficiency. However, the laser complex is particularly good at cleaning thin sheet metal. This is due to the peculiarity of the laser transmitter, which produces five beams. Due to this, all the energy is distributed in space, rather than concentrated in one point. The device provides high productivity and treats the surface gently.

Principle of operation

During cleaning, the laser light acts on the layer of dirt, which leads to its evaporation and removal. The laser beam reflects off the surface to be cleaned without affecting or damaging it. The entire cleaning process consists of simple parameter setting and control of the laser gun along the surface to be cleaned.

What’s included

  • Air-cooled base unit
  • Cleaning gun with 10 m cable 
  • Safety goggles
  • Ethernet cable
  • Safety glasses
  • Spare parts

Advantages of buying at Pokkels

  • A wide range of laser systems. In addition to the IPG LightCLEAN, you can also test Pokkels’ own solutions: mobile and stationary solutions in our demo room or order an on-site demonstration at your facility.
  • More than 10 years on the market. We will help you to find the best solution for your production tasks — in terms of price and parameters.
  • Development of individual solutions. In addition to serial equipment we also develop automation systems that can be integrated into your current production line.
  • Service at Pokkels. We are always available to answer your questions and help you solve problems with our laser systems.
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