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Laser engraving and marking with Pokkels P-Mark

Discover more about the capabilities of laser marking and engraving systems

A separate direction of Pokkels’ development is laser engraving and marking equipment. High speed, easy operation, 3D engraving are only some of the advantages of the P-Mark series. Learn more about the capabilities of laser systems in this article.

Easy operation from tablet and computer

Marking and engraving has become as easy to operate as printing from a printer thanks to the developments of Pokkels. To process products, all you have to do is create or upload a ready-made image in the P-Mark Soft app on your tablet or computer, select the laser mode and press the «Start» button. In a few minutes you will have a finished product with engraving or marking of any complexity.  There is a built-in library with preset modes and settings. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can learn to use the laser system in a short time.

Highly accurate and fast marking

Compared to alternative methods of marking, the laser device allows you to create a detailed image on the surface of objects in a short time. QR-code, brand logo, drawings of any complexity can be applied using P-Mark laser complexes.

Thin material cutting

An additional function of the laser system is the cutting of materials up to 0.3 mm thick: nameplates made of aluminum, dashboards made of plastic and stainless steel. With one unit you can cut metal and plastic, and then create unique elements on them.

3D engraving

The P-Mark system can do deep engraving to create three-dimensional objects such as clichés and molds. The laser system removes metal layer by layer and adjusts the focal distance. Just load a 3D model, select the processing material in P-Mark Soft and get a finished product.

Color marking

Laser system can create a color image on a metal surface due to the different modes of laser radiation and its impact on the surface. Thus it is possible to perform color engraving and marking.

Working with objects of complex geometry

The P-Weld laser system can do more than just work on flat surfaces. With automatic focal length adjustment the device can mark an object at different heights in one go. This feature will be particularly useful for large manufacturers. Already today laser technology is used, for example, for marking electrical automatic machines.

P-Mark equipment

P-Mark TT

Suitable for: Owners of small workshops and piece makers.

The P-Mark TT is a small tabletop device with a working field ranging from 20×20 to 500×500 mm. The basic unit with automatic Z-axis dynamically adjusts the focal distance, allowing for engraving and marking three-dimensional pieces. All you have to do is set the necessary parameters, create or upload an image in the application and click «Start». With the built-in sensor, the device adjusts the required focal length and performs the laser treatment in a few minutes.

P-Mark FB

Suitable for: Workshops for machining large, complex, identical workpieces.

The P-Mark FB laser system is the next level floor unit for more demanding applications. Thanks to the XYZ-axis movement and the increased machining area of up to 1500 x 1500 mm, the laser system can mark and engrave several identical workpieces with shapes of any complexity at once. The laser moves sequentially from one object to the next. In addition, the P-Mark FB is capable of cutting thin sheet metal, plastic panels and stickers.

P-Mark MB

Suitable for: Large manufacturers with flow lines and conveyors.

The P-Mark MB automatic laser processing system is a flexible solution for production marking tasks. For example, today any product must have a QR code with product information. The automatic laser system can quickly create images without stopping the conveyor. The system integrates into a flow line, moves at different speeds and marks products in motion. The P-Mark MB laser devices are individually designed based on the specifics of the company and have an enormous resource for non-stop operation. 


The laser treatment process is more controlled than laser cleaning. The laser beam is controlled by a system of scanners that move the laser beam to the focusing lens. This creates a high-precision image on the surface of the product.

Additional benefits of the Pokkels P-Mark

  • No consumables
  • Operating time of more than 100,000 hours
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Equipment can be leased
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