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7 reasons to use P-Weld for laser welding

Why you should pay attention to the equipment and get acquainted with the laser welding system P-Weld.

Traditional welding methods — MIG, TIG, MMA — require highly qualified personnel. But manual welding makes it difficult to achieve reproducible results. Laser welding is a new technology that is easy to use and has a number of advantages. We have highlighted 7 reasons why you should pay attention to the equipment and get acquainted with the laser welding system P-Weld.

High quality weld

The defined power and width of the laser beam ensure a high-quality even welded joint. The result is a reliable seam that does not spoil the appearance of the product.

Small heat-affected zone

During laser welding, most of the energy is spent on the formation of a molten bath at the junction of the parts to be welded. The heat-affected zone is not overheated, the metal does not change its properties. There is less formation of scale and cracks.

The P-Weld can weld thin metals without warping and is suitable for a wide range of materials: various types of steel and alloys. Special equipment modes allow you to clean the surface before welding and remove temper colors after welding.

Single welding Dual welding
Stainless steels up to 4 mm up to 10 mm
Galvanized steel up to 4 mm up to 10 mm
Low-carbon steels up to 4 mm up to 10 mm
Aluminum alloys up to 4 mm up to 10 mm
Copper up to 1 mm up to 2 mm

Thicknesses of materials to be treated

Quick mastery of technology

A person experienced in traditional welding methods can quickly learn laser welding technology. Thanks to the simple operation technology, instructions and set of built-in modes, less experienced welders will be able to work with P-Weld.

Quick start-up and convenient operation process

Step 1: Connection. The P-Weld laser welding system is connected to the 220V mains, the gas cylinder is connected to the device with a fitting. After 50 seconds of startup you can start working.

Step 2: Select the operating mode. P-Weld has 54 built-in welding settings and allows you to store up to 20 user modes. Just select the appropriate settings and you can start laser welding.

Step 3: Welding. The supply of shielding gas and the start of welding is done by pulling the two triggers on the gun of the equipment. The welded joint is made in one go.

Cheaper and four times faster

Laser welding provides high productivity — 4 times higher than other methods. The weld is produced faster, gas consumption is minimized and there are no consumables. Minimal pretreatment of edges. In rare cases, post-treatment may be required. Because of these factors, gas and electricity costs are reduced.

Laser welding machine costs

1 meter of weld — 6 rubles 

1 meter with wire — 20 rubles

Opportunities for improvement

Laser welding can be made even more productive and convenient. For this purpose, Pokkels has developed a system of additional modules that can be retrofitted to the main device.

Mobile platform. To have everything you need for laser welding in one place. Allows you to move the gas cylinders with the equipment on the territory of the enterprise.

Water cooling system. The P-Weld laser welding machine is air-cooled, which requires breaks in operation: 80% work, 20% rest. Water cooling allows the laser welding system to be used without interruption.

Remote control system. You can use a remote control or a foot pedal to change the parameters of the laser unit remotely. It comes in handy when you have to work with different materials to quickly switch modes.

Burner upgrade. We will develop a custom burner if special weld parameters are needed.

Process automation

The main advantage of automated laser welding is a consistently reproducible result in a short time without the human factor. 

The robotic complex can weld the product and prepare the weld, and then clean the finished weld of oxides and traces of combustion. This produces identical, saleable products that do not require any further processing. The system can be integrated into an existing production line.

Automation process allows adjustment of welding parameters, laser operation mode, laser beam sweep parameters: change of the beam width, switching on and off at specified moments of time.

Robotic laser welding P-Weld 1500

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