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Laser cleaning

An efficient method of removing contaminants without extra spending or consumables

Laser technology is already being used in a wide range of manufacturing and business applications. More and more areas are appearing. Find out in this article how a laser device works and what the requirements are for its operating conditions.

Operating conditions

One of the advantages of laser cleaning is the minimal requirements for laser systems. Several conditions are important for effective cleaning:


  • The premise must be ventilated
  • A drawing-out to remove the products of combustion
  • Temperature from 0 to +35 С (from 32 to 95 F)
  • Humidity up to 80%


There is no need to use consumables, dispose of waste or stop production.

How does the laser impact the contamination?

Laser radiation has a form of ultrashort powerful pulses of light is directed at the contaminated area. The cleaned layer absorbs the light pulses, and accumulates heat and light energy. 


The contamination is removed: most of it evaporates and the rest is dispersed as fine dust. 


The surface of the product is not damaged, as the laser beam is reflected from it. This effect is achieved by adjusting the laser power. It is important that its value is sufficient to remove contaminants, and at the same time, the cleaned surface does not absorb the radiation.

Main advantages

No consumables required

  • Only electricity at the rate of 1 kV per 1 m² of cleaned surface

Clean without waste

  • The safest and cleanest method of surface treatment

No surface damage

  • Laser cleaning is not in contact with the surface and does not damage the product

Noise-free operation

  • Even the most powerful Pokkels laser equipment does not distract from the workflow

Working with complex objects even at height

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach places. Possibility to work at height with the F-Clean BP mobile backpack

Easy to use without special training

  • Instruction and video tutorial on how to set up and work with the equipment for a quick start

Suitable for most types of surfaces and contaminants

  • A wide range of options for adjusting the laser equipment to the type of contamination and features of the surface to be cleaned

Safe for health and the environment

  • No harmful fumes or damage. During operation, you only need the safety glasses that are included with the unit
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