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Laser rust removers

Constant high quality cleaning without dirt and extra costs with F-Clean laser rust removers.

F-Clean BP

The most compact portable laser device. During operation, the equipment is on the operator's back. Ideal for local cleaning of large objects and work at height. Power: 50-120W.

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F-Clean CS-S

A compact device for safe and convenient travel. The gun is inside the case during transport. The size of the small suitcase, handles and wheels ensure comfortable transportation. Power: 50-100 W.

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F-Clean CS-M

Mobile solution with increased protection against dust and moisture. In closed state the housing is protected according to the IP67 standard. Has handles and wheels on both sides for easy transportation. Power output: 200-300W.

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F-Clean TT

Compact stationary solution for laser cleaning. The device is placed on the desktop. Convenient switch layout and small dimensions provide a comfortable operating environment.
Power: 50-100W.

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F-Clean RK

Stationary device for work in a production environment. The gun is stored inside the equipment. The device is equipped with wheels for easy movement. Power: 100-1000 W.

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F-Clean RB

Development of customized robotic systems to automate laser cleaning processes. Can be built into an existing system. Power: 50-5000W

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About technology

Laser cleaning
Laser cleaning

An efficient method of removing contaminants without extra spending or consumables

Laser technology is already being used in a wide range of manufacturing and business applications. More and more areas are appearing. Find out in this article how a laser device works and what the requirements are for its operating conditions.

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What kind of equipment should I choose?

The F-Clean range of laser units is available for all sizes of applications. All F-Clean lasers clean metal surfaces with the same efficiency. The difference between them lies in the format of the unit (portable, stationary, robotic) as well as the power, which affects the processing speed. To find the best laser solution for your production needs, we suggest testing the F-Clean at your facility or sending samples to our office.

What is the principle of the installations?

The F-Clean laser devices operate in pulse mode: during treatment, laser light is sent to the contaminated area in the form of a high-power pulse. The contaminated layer is vaporized or dispersed as a light dust. The base metal surface remains undamaged because the laser radiation is reflected rather than acting on it.

How to choose the right power?

The principle of laser cleaning is the same for all surfaces and contaminants. The difference lies in the rate of removal of a particular contaminant. Therefore, the choice is based on the parameters of the surface to be treated.

What are the additional costs?

Pokkels laser cleaning systems require no consumables. Only electricity at the rate of 1 kW per 1 m².

Is laser cleaning safe?

Our equipment has laser hazard class 4. Laser radiation does not cause burns if exposed to the body area for a short time. To protect your eyes during operation, you must wear the special goggles that come with the unit.

What is the service life of the equipment?

With proper use, it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Care of the lens is very important to the longevity of the unit. It must be wiped down after each use of the laser, otherwise dirt will accumulate on it and may cause it to malfunction. If the protective lens is damaged, it can be replaced.

Is there an after-sales and warranty service?

Our devices do not require any special maintenance. Warranty and post-warranty service is performed at our production facilities.

How do I use the device?

Pokkels laser equipment is quick and easy to set up for work. Models with a gun have external parameter controls: power, frequency and width of the laser beam.
Automatic laser systems are set up on the built-in touch screen of the instrument or on an external computer. A list of recommended settings can be found in the equipment description.

Can it run on battery power?

Our devices are powered by the mains by default. It is possible to additionally equip the cleaning system with a battery pack. However, such an addition will significantly increase the weight of the entire laser system, which may lead to a loss of mobility.

How does the beam width affect performance?

The laser beam width range is from 10 to 100 mm. Changing the width slightly affects the performance of the device, since the power does not change. The beam width affects the cleaning technique and its result. For example, the small width of the radiation will help to process the surface of a complex shape more accurately.

Is it possible to change the roughness of the treated surface?

The settings of the laser systems make it possible both to clean surfaces without damage and to create structures with complex morphology, drawings or inscriptions on the surface. For example, thanks to the complex geometric craters that form as a result of machining, rather than the rounded shape as after abrasive blasting, the surface has excellent adhesion properties.

How does the structure and properties of the surface layer of the part change? Does the surface heat up?

Depending on the operating modes of the equipment, slight changes in the surface layer to a depth of a few microns may occur. Surface heating is insignificant.

Where can I see and test laser equipment before buying?

You may evaluate the operation of the devices in our demonstration room. We can also conduct an on-site demonstration at your facility.

Why is your equipment more expensive than its Chinese counterpart?

Our laser devices are assembled from quality components and materials that ensure long life of the equipment, including emitters from IPG Photonics Corporation, a world leader in laser technology. You not only get reliable equipment with a working life of 100,000 hours, but also a 2-year warranty and maintenance.

Equipment advantages



Laser devices F-Clean in a short time clean metal surface from the majority of contaminants: rust, scale, petroleum products, polymer coatings, etc. Hard-to-reach places, corners, and complex-shaped items are cleaned just as effectively as flat objects. Every surface element will be effectively cleaned with the laser device.


Thanks to the developments of the Pokkels team, the laser cleaning process has been made as easy and time-saving as possible. All you have to do is turn the machine on, select the width and power of the laser light and get to work. The duration of cleaning depends on the thickness of the layer of dirt. You can learn to work with the device within two hours.


Laser devices F-Clean completely removes rust without damaging the surface of the base metal. This effect is achieved due to the peculiarities of the interaction of laser radiation with the surface. In the process of cleaning the laser interacts only with the contamination layer. There is no heating and deformation of the metal surface.
100 000 HOURS OF 

100 000 HOURS OF

All F-Clean laser cleaners have a tremendous operational life expectancy of more than 30 years if the equipment is used continuously for 8 hours 5 days a week. This high lifespan is made possible by the Pokkels team's development and quality components. First and foremost, the laser sources from industry leader IPG Photonics.


Laser cleaning requires only electrical power at the rate of 1kV per 1m². Most of the dirt to be cleaned, including rust, evaporates. No secondary contaminants or waste. No cost for cleaning and disposal of dirt or chemicals.


F-Clean laser equipment is used in a variety of applications, from cleaning jewelry and antiques to treating huge metal structures and piping. The laser machine cleans rust and other contaminants from surfaces of any size and complexity with equal efficiency. In addition to treating metal, F-Clean equipment removes contaminants from glass and stone. When you buy one device, you get a wide range of applications.

Why Pokkels

  • 100% in-house production from development to realization
  • Laser device operation warranty from 10 years continuous use 5 days a week for 8 hours
  • High-quality components sophisticated design, reliable optics and laser sources from IPG Photonics
  • Test drive before purchase at our site or in your facility
  • 24/7 support our specialists are always online and ready to promptly perform repairs
  • Over 10 years in the market have developed over 50 laser solutions
  • Delivery and installation all over the world

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