Laser cleaning in the automotive industry

The speed and quality of cleaning is a crucial aspect for the production and repair of vehicles and special equipment. Pokkels’ advanced laser technology allows to solve many issues, including the efficient cleaning of parts and surfaces of all sizes and complexities, and the preparation of products for welding and painting. From this article you will learn more about the capabilities of the F-Clean laser cleaning complex.

Processing for welding auto-parts

Welding body parts is an important step in the car manufacturing process. The F-Clean laser system is effectively used for surface pre-treatment before welding. Cleans the heat-affected zone from traces of various contaminants and conservation materials to ensure a secure joint.

After the welding work is done, the laser device will help clean the surface from tarnishing colors and oxide films. The precise positioning of the laser beam ensures treatment without visible traces. The weld does not change its shape during after-treatment.

Laser cleaning of the car muffler

Paint removal without side effects

The F-Clean laser cleaning system works with all types of paints and polymer coatings. Cleaning is done in layers. During processing, the coating evaporates. After cleaning, it is enough to wipe the surface with a rag and you can proceed to repair work or paint. Deep processing of the smallest details of the product will ensure reliable adhesion of the paint coating. 

Local laser radiation allows to clean a certain fragment of the product without damaging the adjacent coating.

Paint removal

Cleaning parts without damage

The laser light affects only the contamination layer. The treated surface remains intact. F-Clean equipment is successfully used to clean engine parts, suspension components and to restore the vintage cars. The device will help clean the rust under the windshield frame without damaging the interior of the cabin or the body.

Cleaning the piston of the internal combustion engine

The case of an auto-parts repair company

Issues: The company is in the business of restoring the appearance of auto-parts. Sandblasting was mainly used for cleaning. The company was no longer satisfied with the quality of cleaning and the problems associated with using this technology: the cost of regularly required abrasive, the time spent on removing it, the damage caused when sand gets into body parts or the engine.

Pokkels solution: Using the F-Clean laser cleaning system allowed the company to clean body and car parts faster and better without any incidental contamination. The company’s spending reduced due to no need in consumables.

Laser cleaning of the car body

Cleaning and welding automation

Pokkels develops automatic cleaning systems. It is possible to create a robotic system that will be integrated into an existing production line or to develop a system from scratch. 

The automatic cleaning system is tailored to your individual requirements and is designed to operate 24/7 while keeping operating costs low. The robot can be made in any form factor depending on the task at hand: from a robotic arm to a magnetic robot.

It is possible to create a device that will completely do the welding and cleaning work: pre-clean the product, weld the parts, treat the surface after welding, removing tarnishing colors and oxide films.

Key advantages of Pokkels automated complexes

  • precise and repeatable results 
  • non-stop operation 
  • increased productivity
  • integration into the existing system
  • radiation power from 50 to 5000 W

Advantages of Pokkels F-CLean

  • No consumables, sand or chemicals
  • High cleaning speed
  • Removing contaminants without damaging the surface
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment for welding
  • Local cleaning of dirt and paint
  • Competitive advantage
  • Device service life 100,000 hours
  • The equipment can be leased
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Other applications

Laser cleaning of molds

Learn how laser equipment cleans molds from dirt in less than half an hour. Why molds can be cleaned without removing them from the machine and how to automate the laser cleaning process.

Laser cleaning of stainless steel

Pokkels laser systems are effectively used for cleaning stainless steel and welded joints in a variety of companies: from small repair shops to nuclear power plants. Find out what tasks F-Clean devices solve.

7 причин использовать F-Clean на пищевом предприятии

Технология лазерной очистки активно внедряется в сфере пищевой промышленности. Это связано с высокой скоростью и эффективностью очистки, отсутствием побочных загрязнений и дополнительных затрат на расходные материалы. В этой статье коротко расскажем о главных преимуществах лазерного комплекса F-Clean.

Laser paint removal: technology and capabilities

We continue to talk about the possibilities of using the F-Clean laser cleaning system. Previously, we wrote about cleaning molds and stainless steel. This time we will tell you how laser equipment removes paint and polymer coatings.

Laser cleaning of the weld

Conventional methods of surface treatment of materials for welding work are time-consuming and expensive. You have to dispose of chemicals and clean the room of incidental contaminants. Laser technology allows you to forget about these problems. Read more about the use of laser equipment in our article.

Лазерная очистка для коммунальных служб

Процесс очистки объектов городской инфраструктуры растягивается даже в случае удаления небольшой рекламной надписи с уличной плитки. Но есть способ решить эту задачу быстро, не прибегая к щеткам и химическим реагентам. Решение — лазерный комплекс F-Clean. Главное о нем расскажем кратко в нашей статье.

Лазерное обезжиривание металла перед соединением: пайкой и сваркой

Обезжиривание — важный этап, от которого зависит качество будущего соединения. Для обезжиривания металла часто используются щелочи и растворители, а также механическая очистка щетками. Рассмотрим типичные проблемы, связанные с традиционными способами обезжиривания, и сравним их с лазерным оборудованием.

Laser cleaning systems for restoration

The restoration of objects of art and architecture is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It is important to properly clean and not to damage the product. From this article you will learn what tasks the laser complex F-Clean can cope with and it deserves your attention.

5 reasons to use F-Clean to clean large metal structures

Laser cleaning technology is getting more and more into various areas of business. Already today, construction organizations and industrial cleaning companies use laser devices to clean metal structures. In this article, let’s look at the 5 main advantages of the F-Clean laser cleaning system for treating large metal structures. A few real cases are described.

Лазерная очистка консервационного грунта

Передовые лазерные технологии Pokkels позволяют решать множество задач, в том числе эффективно очищать детали и поверхности любых размеров и сложностей, подготавливать изделия к сварке и покраске. В этой статье расскажем подробнее о возможностях комплекса лазерной очистки F-Clean.

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