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Laser cleaning of shop primer

Manufacturers of rolled metal products are gradually adopting laser cleaning technology at their enterprises. The main reason for this choice is the efficiency of cleaning and there is no need for consumables. In this article, we will tell you about three companies that use the F-Clean laser system. 

OOO Gazprom LNG Portovaya

About the company: the company is engaged in the production and storage of liquefied natural gas. The basis of the infrastructure of this production is the pipeline. Initially, the pipes are coated with a shop primer. Pipe sections were mechanically deburred in the heat-affected zone for welding and then suspended on the frame. Over time, the cleaned areas became rusty. Sandblasting cannot be used because the frame is coated with a flame retardant coating and the sand can damage it. Mechanical cleaning does not clean hard-to-reach areas.

Pokkels solution: The easy positioning and the possibility of local treatment with F-Clean laser equipment allowed to effectively clean pipe elements from rust without damaging the frame. The laser complex is used to prepare the surface of pipes for welding work.

Laser cleaning of shop primer

Manufacturer of escalators for the Moscow Metro

About the company: The organization produces the base of escalators for the Moscow Metro. During production, it is necessary to remove the shop primer for welding work and for subsequent applying paint to the finished product. In the past, cleaning was done mechanically with an angle grinder. The company was no longer satisfied with the speed and quality of cleaning, because it is difficult to clean corner pieces with a grinder.

Pokkels solution: Laser equipment helped to effectively clean complex-shaped products: laser light penetrates corners and other hard-to-reach places. The speed of surface treatment before welding and paint application has increased.

OOO Norilsknickelremont

About the company: OOO Norilsknickelremont provides repair and maintenance services for Nornickel’s facilities. Repairs regularly require surfaces to be cleaned of rust and old paint. The company’s main problem was the repair of the building’s metal frames. The frames are coated with a large thickness of fire retardant. Traditional methods of removing the coating took a long time.

Pokkels solution: The F-Clean laser system helped the organization remove the solid flame retardant coating without additional effort. The company also uses Pokkels equipment for service and welding work.

How laser cleaning works

The laser cleaning process vaporizes a layer of dirt without damaging the surface being cleaned. This effect is achieved through a wide range of laser parameter settings. The F-Clean laser cleaning system removes organic and inorganic contaminants of all sizes and thickness. You only need electricity to operate the device. You can read more about the laser cleaning process in a dedicated article.

Main advantages of F-Clean

  • No consumables — you need only electricity at the rate of 1kV per 1 m².
  • The competitive advantage — the advanced cleaning system.
  • One device for a wide range of cleaning jobs — surface treatment, product preparation for welding, post-processing and more.
  • Cleaning without damage to the surface — only the contamination layer is removed.
  • The device has a service life of more than 100,000 hours — more than 50 years if you work 8 hours a week, 5 days a week.
  • Flexible leasing program — fixed monthly payments.
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Other applications

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Laser cleaning of the weld

Conventional methods of surface treatment of materials for welding work are time-consuming and expensive. You have to dispose of chemicals and clean the room of incidental contaminants. Laser technology allows you to forget about these problems. Read more about the use of laser equipment in our article.

Laser cleaning for public utilities

The process of cleaning urban infrastructure takes a lot of time even  when you need to remove a small advertising inscription from the street tiles. But there is a way to solve this problem quickly, without using brushes or chemicals. The solution is the F-Clean laser complex. The main thing about it will be briefly described in our article.

Laser metal degreasing before joining by soldering or welding

Degreasing is an important step that determines the quality of the future connection. Alkalis and solvents, , as well as mechanical brushing, are often used to degrease metal. Let’s look at the typical problems associated with traditional degreasing methods and compare them with laser equipment.

Laser cleaning systems for restoration

The restoration of objects of art and architecture is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It is important to properly clean and not to damage the product. From this article you will learn what tasks the laser complex F-Clean can cope with and it deserves your attention.

Laser cleaning in the automotive industry

Pokkels’ advanced laser technology allows to solve many issues, including the efficient cleaning of parts and surfaces of all sizes and complexities, and the preparation of products for welding and painting. From this article you will learn more about the capabilities of the F-Clean laser cleaning complex.

5 reasons to use F-Clean to clean large metal structures

Laser cleaning technology is getting more and more into various areas of business. Already today, construction organizations and industrial cleaning companies use laser devices to clean metal structures. In this article, let’s look at the 5 main advantages of the F-Clean laser cleaning system for treating large metal structures. A few real cases are described.

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