Laser cleaning for public utilities

The process of cleaning urban infrastructure takes a lot of time even  when you need to remove a small advertising inscription from the street tiles. But there is a way to solve this problem quickly, without using brushes or chemicals. The solution is the F-Clean laser complex. The main thing about it will be briefly described in our article.

Main advantages

High speed

For laser treatment, all you have to do is turn on the device and start the cleaning process. F-Clean is convenient for small localized jobs, such as cleaning a piece of street tile, and large objects, such as a bus stop or the facade of a building.

Thorough surface treatment of complex shapes

The F-Clean system is capable of cleaning any shape of surface: blunt angles, hard-to-reach places. After laser cleaning, there is no need for additional sanding or polishing. The laser light will effectively clean every millimeter of complex contaminants.

The case of the Mosgortrans

In November 2020, technical specialists of the State Unitary Enterprise «Mosgortrans» contacted us. The organization needed an effective solution for cleaning public transport stops. The stops are made of stainless steel sheet, which oxidizes over time. Corrosion is forming on the fasteners. Traces of graffiti remain on the walls or benches of the stop and the adjacent tiles.

The F-Clean laser system helped remove dirt quickly without damaging metal and stone, and treat hard-to-reach places both outdoors and indoors.

Laser cleaning of bus stop parts

Eco-friendly cleaning

Laser cleaning today is the most environmentally friendly way to treat surfaces made of stone, metal and glass from various contaminants. The F-Clean laser complex leaves no cleaning by-products. Most of the contaminants evaporate, the remnants dissipate in the form of insignificant dust. F-Clean does not require consumables, only electricity at the rate of 1 kW per 1m².

Laser cleaning of street tiles

Deep cleaning without surface damage

The feature of laser cleaning is that the laser beam removes contamination, but does not damage the surface itself. This effect is achieved by adjusting the power of the laser radiation. The morphology of the treated surface remains intact.

Laser cleaning of bus stop

Operation in non-standard conditions

The F-Clean laser system can work even in cold weather, subject to short-term use. For example, if you need to remove a small inscription on a wall or tile. For long-term operation, it is necessary to use a shelter or a canopy so that the device and the operator are warm.

If it is necessary to perform regular cleaning in winter, our company can modify the laser unit by adding a heating system to the laser unit. Then you can use the device in sub-zero temperatures without shelter.

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Other applications

Laser cleaning of molds

Learn how laser equipment cleans molds from dirt in less than half an hour. Why molds can be cleaned without removing them from the machine and how to automate the laser cleaning process.

Laser cleaning of stainless steel

Pokkels laser systems are effectively used for cleaning stainless steel and welded joints in a variety of companies: from small repair shops to nuclear power plants. Find out what tasks F-Clean devices solve.

7 reasons to use F-Clean in the food industry

Laser cleaning technology is being actively implemented in the food industry. This is due to the high speed and efficiency of cleaning, the absence of collateral contamination or additional costs for consumables. This article briefly describes the main advantages of the F-Clean laser system.

Laser paint removal: technology and capabilities

We continue to talk about the possibilities of using the F-Clean laser cleaning system. Previously, we wrote about cleaning molds and stainless steel. This time we will tell you how laser equipment removes paint and polymer coatings.

Laser cleaning of the weld

Conventional methods of surface treatment of materials for welding work are time-consuming and expensive. You have to dispose of chemicals and clean the room of incidental contaminants. Laser technology allows you to forget about these problems. Read more about the use of laser equipment in our article.

Laser metal degreasing before joining by soldering or welding

Degreasing is an important step that determines the quality of the future connection. Alkalis and solvents, , as well as mechanical brushing, are often used to degrease metal. Let’s look at the typical problems associated with traditional degreasing methods and compare them with laser equipment.

Laser cleaning systems for restoration

The restoration of objects of art and architecture is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It is important to properly clean and not to damage the product. From this article you will learn what tasks the laser complex F-Clean can cope with and it deserves your attention.

Laser cleaning in the automotive industry

Pokkels’ advanced laser technology allows to solve many issues, including the efficient cleaning of parts and surfaces of all sizes and complexities, and the preparation of products for welding and painting. From this article you will learn more about the capabilities of the F-Clean laser cleaning complex.

5 reasons to use F-Clean to clean large metal structures

Laser cleaning technology is getting more and more into various areas of business. Already today, construction organizations and industrial cleaning companies use laser devices to clean metal structures. In this article, let’s look at the 5 main advantages of the F-Clean laser cleaning system for treating large metal structures. A few real cases are described.

Laser cleaning of shop primer

Manufacturers of rolled metal products are gradually adopting laser cleaning technology at their enterprises. The main reason for this choice is the efficiency of cleaning and there is no need for consumables. In this article, we will tell you about three companies that use the F-Clean laser system.

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