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Laser cleaning of the weld

Conventional methods of surface treatment of materials for welding work are time-consuming and expensive. You have to dispose of chemicals and clean the room of incidental contaminants. Laser technology allows you to forget about these problems. Read more about the use of laser equipment in our article. 


The F-Clean laser cleaning system allows to remove traces of dirt, rust, oxide films, and shop primer in a short time to prepare the metal surface for welding and ensure a secure joint.

The laser beam removes dirt without damaging the metal surface. This effect is achieved by adjusting the power of the laser radiation. System F-Clean can clean thin-sheet materials such as aluminum without temperature distortion due to the speed of operation and low heat input.

Exposure of a contaminant to laser radiation causes it to evaporate. As a result, to start welding, it is enough to wipe the surface. 

Pre-treatment of stainless steel sheet


Tarnishing colors and oxide films can be quickly removed due to the high performance of the laser cleaning system. The precise positioning of the laser beam allows the heat-affected zone to be cleaned without any visible traces of exposure. The surface of the product acquires its original appearance. The weld shape remains intact. 

Cleaning of the weld

Examples of application 

Company: ROSATOM 

Tasks: During the construction of nuclear power plants, spider assemblies made of connecting stainless steel are welded daily. Weld dressing is required. Mechanical cleaning takes a long time because of which the construction work is suspended. The delay in commissioning the plant costs the company billions of rubles. The corporation was looking for new methods that would increase the speed of cleaning. 

Pokkels solution: The F-Clean laser system has helped Rosatom significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare metal surfaces for welding work and quickly dress the welded joints. The company was able to accelerate the construction of power plants.

Company: Gazprom LNG Portovaya

Tasks: One of the main facilities of the natural gas liquefaction plant is a pipeline. Initially, the pipes are covered with shop primer. The mechanical method of cleaning the primer in the heat-affected zone caused problems with rust, which covered the cleaned areas. The pipes are placed on a frame, which is coated with a protective flame retardant coating. Pipes cannot be cleaned mechanically or chemically without damaging the frame. 

Pokkels solution: The easy positioning and the possibility of local treatment with F-Clean laser equipment allowed to effectively clean pipe elements from rust without damaging the frame. The laser system also helps to clean the pipe surfaces from the shop primer for further welding work.

Company: Agro-Belogorye

Tasks: The company is engaged in the production of metal products for agriculture and the food industry: from enclosing structures to food containers. Aluminum is often used in production, the surface of which must be prepared for welding. Mechanical cleaning leads to deformation, especially in the case of thin sheet aluminum.

Pokkels solution: Laser treatment carefully treats the surface of thin-sheet products without deformations. Thanks to the accelerated preparation of products for welding, the company was able to produce more products and increase profits.

Automation options

Our company develops customized automated laser cleaning systems.

The main advantages of an automated system:

  • increased productivity
  • custom designed to your needs
  • non-stop operation 24/7
  • increased machining accuracy
  • easy to operate 


The automated system is designed to meet the needs of your production. Pokkels experts will select the necessary power and form factor of the robot, install and integrate the system into your production. 

It is possible to create a complex that will not only clean the surface, but also carry out welding work. It will allow you to get the same products of marketable appearance. The robot itself performs pre-cleaning, metal welding and post-treatment of scale and tarnish. 

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Other applications

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Laser metal degreasing before joining by soldering or welding

Degreasing is an important step that determines the quality of the future connection. Alkalis and solvents, , as well as mechanical brushing, are often used to degrease metal. Let’s look at the typical problems associated with traditional degreasing methods and compare them with laser equipment.

Laser cleaning systems for restoration

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Laser cleaning in the automotive industry

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Laser cleaning of shop primer

Manufacturers of rolled metal products are gradually adopting laser cleaning technology at their enterprises. The main reason for this choice is the efficiency of cleaning and there is no need for consumables. In this article, we will tell you about three companies that use the F-Clean laser system.

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